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Jan 21, 2013 1:00pm PST
hot starts when a president is way up the way clinton was this 1997. there are lukewarm starts to a second term. probably i would say nixon was there in 1972. you have cold starts. this is a cold start. bush's start in 2005 for the second was a cold start. >>neil: but is he helped that the opposition there is such a chasm in the approval levels between the two, that is an advantage he has, otherwise there is lower-than-average ratings he does and it is masks. >> it is helpful to him that the democratic party is rated more likely than the republican party. the reason it will not help in the house of representatives is as cantor admitted a majority of republicans were elected from districts that voted substantially against president obama so it is not if their interests to go along with his agenda and obviously they are worried about getting re-elected in 2014. they are worried about being challenged in a party primary. that is obama's real problem. >>neil: i look add joe biden, and at his swearing in, he had top democratic officials and governors from iowa, from south carolina,
FOX News
Jan 15, 2013 1:00pm PST
order. frankslinrosis velt passed 37 executive orders and clinton and reagan did 350-plus. i am talking about policy issues of significant magnitude that need to have a full public vetting. the american people need tock engaged in the process. we need hearing on the matter ogun control, specifically. and we really need to talk about mental health and how we as a society are not embracing people with mental health issues. that's a bigger conversation, i know, neil. >> neil: thank you for indulging all of this breaking news and being on top of it. we told you about the mulvaney amendment, matching dollar for dollar, any aide they are getting in like-minded cuts from discretionary spending. that was defeated, as expected on the flor of the house. to missouri running senator roy blunt. seampt othat defeat, that was expected. but it did raise a question and one i am guessing to be raising with the south carolina republican who wanted to match the aid we are giving with cuts from somewhere else, was it a crazy idea? >> well, i actually think the better fight is the fight on how much money the
FOX News
Jan 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
foundation. >> neil: there are a lot of people that were duped. clinton did the whole country, right? what made bill clinton survive that and robert downey survive his incidents. those are likable, i don't want to call them rogues, but likable but i don't think the same could apply to armstrong? >> armstrong is completely robotic. there is no charisma there. there is no like you said character. think of hugh granted or even charlie sheen. there is loveable about the train wreck you like to watch. you know, he is an interesting guy. >> neil: what makes you think that lance won't enjoy the same come back? >> people really i think view lance as someone who has really, this is about power and ego and greed. >> neil: what about the fact he had cancer, near death, won't that offset the bad stuff? >> absolutely not. he has been doing this for decades. he even said on the interview, this was a lie of mythic proportions. that he continued to perpetuate. there is no sense -- he never said he thought he was doing nothing wrong. this is what his p.r. machine was telling him. >> neil: he was doing this
FOX News
Jan 22, 2013 1:00pm PST
. he wasn't perfect. but they had a pretty good economic agenda in the clinton years and the economy sppded. even hank polson, say what you want about the bailout, he went to bush and said, listen, this is what you have to do or else the banking system is going to collapse. i think, you know, when you talk about tim geithner and what i think i know about jack lew, you have a drone who will carry out the president's wishes without much context or pushing back. you have to remember, what tim geithner did the last four years, he presided over a stimulus package that was bizarrely handed out for boone dogles like solyndra and tries to say that obamacare won't be a drag on the economy and even liberals know it will. he hasn't done a very good job, deficit -- ballooning out of control. >> neil: how down -- >> what? lew? everything i know about lew, this is what he has done as chief of staff. why did bill bailey least job of chief of staff? he couldn't stand the fact that valerie jarrett was calling the shots. lew couldn't wait to get in. everyone will tell you we need a handle on entitleme
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)